Dog Boarding 3 Minutes North of LAX

Proudly serving the Los Angeles community since 2004.

718 Vesta Street · Los Angeles, CA  90302

310-673-4DOG (4364)

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A word from the owner, Glen:

I feel that my Los Angeles dog boarding facility is certainly one of the nicest. I welcome you to make an appointment to visit and come see for yourself.

I also feel that there is a fair price for dog boarding. My pricing is, in part, based on my perception of fairness:

Note: If you pick up before noon there is no charge for the day. If your plane is delayed or you're stuck in traffic, etc., call us — we're cool. Don't speed!

Long-Term Boarding Discounts are given; just call us to plead your case.

Late pick ups: Tip my guy $5–$10 if you feel inclined.

Due to the proximity of Glen’s Dog Inn to LAX, we allow for late night pick-ups for clients who live far away. We understand that due to the ever increasing intensity of Los Angeles traffic "far away" is a relative term, and we're willing to work with our clients so as not to cause them next-day traffic or scheduling anxiety.

310-673-4DOG (4364)

718 Vesta Street

Los Angeles, CA  90302

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