Dog Boarding 3 Minutes North of LAX

Proudly serving the Los Angeles community since 2004.

718 Vesta Street · Los Angeles, CA  90302

310-673-4DOG (4364)

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About Us

Glen’s Dog Inn is a licensed kennel very conveniently located directly off the 405 freeway a few minutes north of LAX. It is a beautiful tree-shaded facility. We are not a "cage-free warehouse" for dogs. We do allow the dogs to play cage-free and we have multiple secure and separate play yards. We have ample space — the dogs are not crammed in together. This is important. Dogs are social animals, but they also need their space to feel relaxed. They can play around, roam around, or lounge around — it's their choice. The grounds are mostly pebbled, not concrete. Pebbles are better for the dogs' joints and are easily washed down.

The upper part of the property, where we board the large dogs, is up a flight of stairs on a hilltop, enabling the dogs to see out and into the distance. This has a calming effect on most dogs — they don't feel pent up or penned in. The lower part of the property is for the small dogs, and we have an area for the very small dogs as well. The fences are ten to twelve feet in height, moored in concrete. There are multiple gates to get into the property and multiple gates separating the upper property from the lower property.

At night, the dogs sleep indoors. We separate out most of the dogs at night. The rooms are fully ventilated; fresh air is constantly brought in and there are powerful out vents.

We also schedule a nap time. We have found that this works better than endless play. Not unlike little children, canines need stress-free downtime. We also sleep indoors, but in our own beds.

Glen’s Dog Inn has been in business for over twelve years. Glen, the owner, worked around dogs and in other facilities many years before opening his own place. He has an Intermediate Handler's license with the USDA and has a sister company, Glen’s Pet Travel, which is a member of IPATA, the International Pet and Animal Transportation Association. Luis has been with Glen’s Dog Inn for a few years and previously worked for many years in kennel management and as a manager for Petco. Genaro and Chico have been working at the facility for eight and six years, repectively. We are made to feel special by the dogs who board with us and have become our friends.

Feeding: We feed the dogs kibble and add tuna-fish packed in water. We feel that adding tuna (human-grade wet food) is safer and better for the dog. We have a very low instance of doggie diarreah. You are welcome to bring your own food; however, we find that a huge percentage of dogs love the tuna and do very well on it.

All male dogs must be neutered and we reject certain breeds. We reserve the right to separate out a dog if needed.

All visitations and stays are by appointment only.

Vaccinations must be current.

"If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous he will not bite you. This is the principal difference between a dog and a man." — Mark Twain

310-673-4DOG (4364)

718 Vesta Street

Los Angeles, CA  90302

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